A Letter From Our Founder and CEO

Hello, I’m Alaric 'Ric' Henderson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Manifested Evidence, Inc. 

As we continue to build and grow our brand, know that we have a strong commitment to our community, our clients and our culture with a long standing willingness to live out our values,  build amazing people, help our community and have lot's of fun along the way. 

We look forward to empowering you to do and become your best!

Alaric 'Ric' Henderson
Founder and CEO

Manifested Evidence, Inc. 

Vision and Mission

The reason we do what we do is that we genuinely believe the there is better in each of us, and with the right cultivating and deposits, like a well nurtured plant, it can and will manifest and grow.

Our VISION is to see local, global and regional transformation and manifested evidence in the lives of people, through training, outreach and many other empowerment platforms.

Manifested Evidence (M.E.) started with a simple MISSION

  • To build and create opportunities that will change lives through various learning platforms.
  • Provide resources through those platforms to create evident transformation a life at a time.

Manifested Evidence

Center Hours and Testing

Manifested Evidence ~ Test Center
Monday 8:00 AM
Manifested Evidence ~ Test Center
Tuesday 9:00 AM
Manifested Evidence ~ Test Center
Wednesday 9:00 AM
Manifested Evidence ~ Test Center
Thursday 9:00 AM
Manifested Evidence ~ Test Center
Friday 8:00 AM
Manifested Evidence ~ Test Center
Saturday 8:00 AM

Hi! We are Manifested Evidence, Inc.

Our Service To Our Community

Manifested Evidence, Inc. is a 501(c3) non-profit organization governed by the State of Texas.  As a charitable organization, the majority of our programs are educational and community based economic services.  

As an Authorized Testing Center, we administer a range of  State approved exams.

As a Training Center we offer:

  • A.C.T. /S.A.T./G.E.D. Training
  • Medical Front Office / Billing and Coding Training
  • Life Insurance Training / Financial Literacy Training
  • Entry Level IT Training
  • Leadership Training
  • ETTI-Cut ~ (A mentorship program for both young men and women)

We are also connected members with the Ft. Worth Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Healthcare Professions as well as an authorized Pearson Vue Testing Center.

Meet our staff

Ric Henderson Founder and CEO

Meet Ric:

Ric's background is in Education and Training with years of experience from the corporate level and in classroom settings.

He holds a Masters degree in Adult Education and trade certifications in the Healthcare field and is a Licensed Insurance Agent.

He has an avid love for family, sports and music.

He's a husband, father, grand father, leader and friend.

Yolonda Henderson Executive Director

Meet Yolonda:

Yolonda has extensive training and experience in Sales, Marketing as well as in the non-profit sector.

Yolonda is extremely passionate and productive in the area of Real Estate and her specialty is training and developing in to empower, train and close deals.

Yolonda does this all while maintaining her home as a wife, mother, grandmother, leader and friend to many.

Linette Fisher Director of Administration

Meet Linette:

Linette's background and experience is in the field of financing.  

It's Linette's attention to detail and her gift of administration and order that has allowed companies that she has been a part of to maintain business order, meet business metrics and obtain growth.

Linette is also a Notary.

She is a wife, mother, grandmother that loves watching movies, spending time with family and friends.

Vatoria Peterson Testing Coordinator

Meet Vatoria:

Vatoria is experienced in the field of Customer Relations and Administration.

She is a mentor for young adults, she is experienced in applications, networking and other Microsoft programs.

She is currently pursuing additional training and certifications in the IT field.

Vatoria is extremely passionate about helping others and spends lots of time doing so.  She loves both watching and playing basketball and desires to run her own business.

Lashawn Hardin Volunteer Coordinator

Meet Lashawn (Toni):

Lashawn has a strong background in Customer Service and Customer Relations.

Outreach and helps is one of her strongest strengths and is a proven asset to those around her.  

Another of her passions is writing right along with having game nights with family and friends.

Lashawn is wife, a mother and friend to so many as she never meets a stranger.

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We strongly believe that 'extensive' can be 'expensive' and Manifested Evidence Inc. is driven by partnership.  

It's by sponsorship and/or long-term collaboration that we can continue providing support and being a blessing to our community.


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